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Thank You!

To friends, followers and supporters of DD - we thank you so much for your support over the past few months during our campaign to secure funding to help our programs thrive and expand. This was truly an election in which every vote counted. Unfortunately, out of 13,546 voters in our great county, we came up short by 354 votes to pass our levy. 

We hope to make the needed adjustments to operate our programs as efficiently as possible to children, students, and adults with developmental disabilities in Lawrence County. It may be more challenging, but we're hoping that we can build upon the support from all of you that have helped and will continue to help us along the way.

We're also open to your feedback on how we can achieve success! Feel free to message us or call us at 740-532-7401. We want to see programs and services for people with developmental disabilities continue and expand to enrich the lives of everyone in Lawrence County.

We send a special thank you to those that have reached out offering donations for our programs.