Core Values and Mission Statement

Core Values

Our core values at LCDD represent our attitudes and values that we strive to bring to the children, students and adults that we serve and in being a part of our community in general in Lawrence County, Ohio. Our core vales are COMMUNICATION, ACCOUNTABILITY, SAFETY, INTEGRITY, and COMPASSION.

Mission Statement & Vision

Our mission at LCDD is to promote advocacy, inclusion and personal growth.
Our vision: Leading the way... Achieving excellence... Shaping the future
Lawrence County DD's Logo of a multicolored plant

By combining the components of our mission statement & our core values, we're able to include these elements to form our logo. The colors of the petals (orange, white, green, blue & pink) represent our 5 core values (communication, accountability, safety, integrity, & compassion respectively). The flower also stands tall, promoting advocacy, it's included with other plants & with time & effort will demonstrate growth!

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